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How to choose office furniture

1. Surface quality when purchasing office furniture, it mainly depends on whether there are scratches, bubbles, indentation, degumming, peeling, glue marks and other defects on the surface plate; Whether the wood grain pattern is natural and smooth; Symmetrical furniture should pay more attention to the consistency and coordination of the color and texture of the board.
2. Manufacturing quality the manufacturing quality of office furniture mainly depends on the sawing quality, edge and surface decoration quality and plate port quality. Generally, the sawing technology of plate is within 0.01mm per meter. If the accuracy requirements are met, the edge profile is flat and the angle is good. The edge and surface decoration mainly depends on whether the gluing on the decorative parts is uniform, and the parting of doors and drawers should be
3. Formaldehyde emission formaldehyde is a toxic substance that is very harmful to human health. When purchasing, consumers can open doors and drawers. If they smell a stimulating odor, causing tears in their eyes or coughing, it shows that the formaldehyde emission in furniture exceeds the requirements of the standard, and such furniture should not be purchased.



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